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Mazhai Varudhu Mazhai Varudhu Kudai Kondu Vaa is a fine song. The melody set to Bageshri wins and the overall mood the song translates for me is consistent with what I see on screen. The mist, breeze and chillness are transported as is through the music and I am able to feel it. The sweeping string sections, quintessentially Ilaiyaraaja, with the flute in the second interlude, Yesudas and Chithra (most favored combination of yours truly after SPB-S Janaki); are all winners. But that is not all.

Recently, I happened to check a comment on Facebook by Raaja’s prominent Bass Guitar player (and brother-in-law) Sashidharan. Sashi programmed Raaja’s notes for the synth bass in the pallavi and the interlude while playing on the live bass for the rest of the song. Heard the song again –> prelude, pallavi and first interlude use synth bass –> first charanam is live bass –> pallavi again has synth bass –> second interlude and the second charanam have live bass –> final pallavi again has synth bass. Now this enters subjective realms and how I see the song.

The song has lyrics by Pulamaipithan and he does an interesting job. I’ll list a few lines which are curious with respect to the overall song and make it a consistent pattern:


“மழை வருது மழை வருது குடை கொண்டு வா, மானே உன் மாராப்பிலே… ஹோய்.

வெயில் வருது வெயில் வருது நிழல் கொண்டு வா, மன்னா உன் பேரன்பிலே.”

1st Charanam:

“சுகங்கள் யாவும் அளந்து பார்ப்போம்,

நதிகள் மீதும் நடந்து பாப்போம்.

நதிகள் மீது நடந்து பாப்போம்,

சுகங்கள் யாவும் அளந்து பாப்போம்.”

2nd Charanam:

“உலகம் எங்கும் நமது ஆட்சி.

நிலமும் வானும் அதற்க்கு சாட்சி.

நிலமும் வானும் நமது ஆட்சி.

உலகம் யாவும் அதற்க்கு சாட்சி.”

Pallavi again finally:

“வெயில் வருது வெயில் வருது நிழல் கொண்டு வா, மன்னா உன் பேரன்பிலே… ஹோய்.

மழை வருது மழை வருது குடை கொண்டு வா, மானே உன் மாராப்பிலே.”

You do see that there is a juxtaposition of thoughts and that is consistent throughout the song. The pallavis I list, because initially, it starts with Mazhai Varudhu… Kudai Kondu Vaa; Veyil Varudhu… Nizhal Kondu Vaa and finally, it starts with Veyil Varudhu… Nizhal Kondu Vaa; Mazhai Varudhu… Kudai Kondu Vaa. It is very deliberate because of the pattern in the overall song.

This brings me to connect two and two. I feel the juxtaposition of synth bass with live bass holds with the overall theme of the song. As to whether this is over-analysis, I know not. But when the art lends itself to such an observation, it is a win-win.

You disagree? Matters not. At least I brought you to the song. Listen off 🙂 :