A mid-20s author writing on a 70 year old musician. For the love of Raaja and his music. This is a blog which will roll for as long as the blogger has motivation, for not more than a year.

Contact: @_Drunkenmunk


3 thoughts on “About”

  1. Wow Wow Wow..who are you in this world who has brought out the same emotions and feelings of mine in your writing , when i read it i feel ..OMG..OMG… Hats Off.. In case you wish to write me back, please do send me an email @ jaganathans@rocketmail.com. I would in fact be happy and pleasure to know more about you. Thanks and Keep up this brilliant effort!!

  2. Hi friend..
    I liked your blog very much..

    For a very long time I m searching for a Tamil song that I listened as a kid in late 80 s and early 90s… i don’t know any details like exact lyrics , film name , cast , music director etc 😦
    I have the below hints only :

    1. Its a female solo song , mood – happy
    2. In between the song English aerobics instructions comes
    like -one two three four, left leg up, left and right & common ladies ( words are not in order )
    3. Most probably Raja sir’s song
    4. It’s a song the actress sings in happy mood perhaps thinking of her lover.
    5. The aerobics instructions in English comes 2 / 3 times in between the song with beats. Otherwise the song is soft.
    6. In between ‘one, two, three, four’ wordings comes.. perhaps actress is exercising.
    7. It’s not the Agni Nachitram -ninn kolI song.
    Any idea ? Can you please help me find the song..

    If anyone knows the song, please email me.

    Thank you…

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